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Search Engine Optimization - "SEO" - is the lifeblood of not just your website, but your company as a whole. The most beautiful, perfectly worded and carefully considered website in the world isn't worth anything if it can't be found. We write code that search engines love. Every line of code we write for you is written from scratch, and because of that we have an uncommon level of control over every line of it. If search engine standards shift at some point, or we should say when they shift, we can adjust your site on a granular level that WordPress designers simply can't match.

What Does "SEO Expert" Really Mean?

The SEO industry is filled with swindlers and charlatans. That's just a fact. There are a lot of people out there who claim to be experts, but in reality they're not doing much more than installing some turnkey SEO plug-in (which anybody could install, often for free) and going down a simple checklist to satisfy the arbitrary scores they're given. They'll then point to these curated reports and exclaim "look how awesome we did, your number is higher now!". Meanwhile your ranking changes very little, if at all. Why? Because the process they're using is exactly the same as everybody else's process. 

Google's trillion-dollar business is built, primarily, on showing its users the best possible results to their questions. That means they want relevant, high-quality, original content and code. Content is king in the current iteration of Google's core search algorithm . It's no wonder companies having such a hard time ranking well when 9 out of 10 small business websites are using the exact same frameworks and templates. How can Google be expected to figure out who's different or better when everybody's the same?

Note: A great way to avoid snake oil salespeople in the SEO market is to simply get your information about what Google does and doesn't care about from, you guessed it, Google. Any claim we make about how Google works and how they decide to rank you can be backed up by a direct citation from Google itself.

How Do You Do SEO Differently?

The process for pricing out SEO is extremely specific to you, your market, and your business. We'll give you the unfiltered reports from several different sources and describe what (if anything) can be done to improve your Google ranking immediately. We don't cherry-pick from or otherwise curate your reports to make things look better or worse than they are, and we use several sources all at once so you can get a dispassionate look at where you stand. We'll also identify through those same dispassionate metrics whether you're actually targeting the keyword phrases with the highest and most valuable search volume. And this entire quoting process is free. If you don't go with us, we still want to send you on your way with real, actual, unfiltered data.

If you do go with us, though, you won't be given curated monthly reports; you'll be given live 24/7 access to the exact same reporting tools we use. We crawl Google's data automatically, twice per day, 365 days per year, to see how your ranking for specific search terms fluctuates over time. It's of vital importance to us that you have unfettered access to all of your data at all times if you choose to use it.

That means our business model isn't built on making it appear as though we're doing work. Sometimes your ranking will be doing well, and sometimes your competitors will push us to make more changes to preserve or regain your ranking. That means that some weeks we're working a lot on your site, and some weeks we don't need to do anything at all. That's why we only offer annual SEO service plans. Crafting our plans around yearly billing ensures that we don't spend our time trying to convince you of our value; we spend all of our time actually performing and keeping you well-ranked throughout the year of service (and beyond, if you choose to renew).

How Much Does Quality SEO Cost?

Please reach out to us to get a formal quote for SEO services. We'll break down the unique process we'd need to use in your case after we get all the information required to make an informed judgment on the timeline and difficulty of the task.